Absolute train wreck of a human being but apparently I’m pretty cute so that should be okay right ! , I have the worst potty mouth and you can certainly tell I grew up on the Northside ( I still have all my teeth though don’t stress 😂) my availability is all over the place cause my sleeping pattern is all kinds of screwed up ( I’m working on it I promise!)
 Basic service includes blowjob , penetration , and foreplay , extras available at cost 
bondage choking hair pulling , facefucking , GFE , dinner dates etc 
Here’s some food for thought Bdsm test results 100% Submissive 100% Rope bunny 85% Masochist 85% Degradee 84% Boy/Girl 81% Experimentalist 79% Brat
Filming/photography fee
Anything else is up for negotiations except for there is to be absolutely :
no anal no hickeys no vomit scat or urine And I do not swallow . 
If there's any other extras not on the list let me know and we can negotiate . 

$400/1 hr
Gender: Female
Height: -
Hair: Long Red
Eyes: Blue
Bust: D cup
Dress: Size 10
Ethnicity: Caucasian